Play Russia Gosloto 5/36 with YesPlay for a Chance to Score a Sweet Cash Prize!


Since the country has strict bans on gambling in general and non-local lotteries, in particular, the only way for South Africans to enjoy fun and profitable international lotto games, including the famous Russia Gosloto 5/36, is by accessing them online via trusted betting websites like YesPlay.

When playing Russia Gosloto on YesPlay, SA gamblers do not participate in the lottery directly and instead bet on its outcomes to win a fixed-odds payout. In other words, they try to predict which few numbers will be drawn in the next game and what properties those numbers will have (whether they will be high or low, odd or even, or what the bonus ball will be.)

What is Russia Gosloto 5/36?

The Gosloto 5/36 game is one of Russia’s most renowned lotteries, with draws held every 30 minutes throughout the day and during the entire week. It means that South African lotto enthusiasts that come to YesPlay have plenty of opportunities to test their good luck and seek to win a nice cash reward.

To stand a chance to win some prize money in this lottery, players must take their pick of five numbers from the main pool of 36 balls and then choose an additional ball numbered 1 to 4 from the bonus pool. If all their numbers are identical to the ones drawn randomly in the game, the lucky champion receives a solid payout. When placing a Russia Gosloto 5/36 bet on YesPlay, the player must make sure that all of their selected numbers match those winning ones before they can claim a prize. If your bet is even one correct number shot, the bet is considered lost.

Why play lotteries on YesPlay?

Every adult South African who enjoys gambling knows that YesPlay is the perfect online venue for trying your luck at SA and foreign lotteries. Many gamblers use YesPlay as their go-to betting service for various reasons, including simplicity, convenience, and the highest security of the experience. Those, however, are not the only benefits the platform has:

  • Rich choice of games. This handy and modern betting website is home to hundreds of the world’s best lotto games, sports events, BetGames, and casino entertainment options.
  • Mobile-friendly betting experience. YesPlay is accessible from Internet-connected mobile devices. You can enjoy your favorite games anywhere, even while on the move.
  • Lucrative bonuses. Every new YesPlay user gets a handsome welcome bonus when they first register an account and can further benefit from a vast array of exclusive promotions held to advertise specific lotteries.



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