“Do Not Tell My Spouse!” states Huge Slot Champion

Do not tell my spouse and do not publish my name.” stated a really lucky L.A. man in March, 2003. He was speaking to casino officials in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, where he’d just won million dollars on the Megabucks slot machine game. This massive champion only needed to invest only $100. hitting his pay day. For the following twenty five years, Mr. “X” will get an astounding 1.5 million each year. (At 25 years or so old, he is able to virtually do anything whatsoever he wants!)

Our shy champion arrived to determine the NCAA Basketball Tournament, striking it big time. Officials stated he was concerned that his wife, home, would learn about him “gambling.” Heck, my spouse does not agree to me gambling either, but simply this once, I believe she might forgive.

I’ve not a problem having a person keeping his identity a secret, especially with regards to newly discovered riches. A few of the more celebrities who won giant lotteries, etc., have regretted the publicity, since every tom, Dick, and Harry comes from the woodwork to for “loans.” Most of the smarter “Get Wealthy Quick” everyone has even conferred with accountants just before receiving their checks, making perfectly sense. However that leaves us to think about the apparent:

It’s possible to only guess regarding the conversation he or she must have eventually had together with his wife…

“Honey… I’ve something I must let you know.”

You are aware how I guaranteed I would not gamble in Vegas a week ago?

Well… Used to do.

No. No, I am sorry, hun.

No, I do not think I’ve got a gambling problem.

No, I am not happy with myself.

No, I am talking about yes, I will not try it again. I will not have to.

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